About InterMed LLC.

In 2004 InterMed LLC. was formed to solve common issues facing retail pharmacy owners. How can you possibly keep up with business operations, drug and retail procurement, while still providing the highest level of care to your patient?

Benefits, Payroll, and Taxes

It is often too expensive for a small pharmacy to implement and provide some of the benefits and tax savings programs that are allowed under recent Federal Guidelines. To support the pharmacies of the InterMed Team and allow them to take advantage of the benefits that are often only affordable to larger chains, InterMed has developed the following capabilities.

Payroll Services

  • To provide Web-based payroll services to include direct deposit to multiple banks, financial institutions and investment companies.
  • To provide Administrative duties such as employee tax statements, W-2s, W-4s and 1099's.

Flexible Spending Accounts

  • Employees are able to use tax free dollars to pay for health care, deductibles, drugs, glasses, dental and child care.
  • Reimbursements can be direct deposited back into employee's personal checking account.
  • Employer (pharmacy) will be able to reduce FICA contributions for FSA wages.
  • Intermed to provide Third Party Administrative Responsibilities for FSA accounts.

Retirements Programs

  • Pharmacies will be able to utilize pre-approved safe harbor 401(k) programs, Pension Plans and Profit Sharing Plans.
  • Deductions and contributions can be allocated into multiple investments via payroll system.

Tax Savings Benefits

  • The amount of Tax Savings for a pharmacy and each employee will vary depending on the amount of employee participation and tax rates. Examples are given under the Flexible Spending and Retirement Sections.
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